Preven's Paris : A Wide Selection of Cleansing Wipes



The Preven's Range includes make-up removal wipes, refreshing wipes, intimate hygiene wipes, antiseptic wipes and deodorant wipes. For information on a specific wipe, please look at the details below:

Make-up Removal Wipes


TRAVEL PACK format - 25 wipes

For quick and efficient make-up remover, the make-up remover wipes from Preven’s Paris are perfectly suited to all skin types.

POCKET size - 15 wipes

For use when on the move, either travelling, or on holidays. This practical mini format will fit perfectly into your handbag or make-up bag.

Refreshing Wipes


NOMAD format - 15 wipes

Refresh your face and body at any time and anywhere: in the car, on holidays or weekends away, at sports, in meetings…

Intimate Hygiene Wipes


NOMAD format- 15 wipes

At any time of the day, Intimate Hygiene Wipes will provide you with a feeling of well-being and respect your natural balance. This handy mini-pack fits discreetly inside your handbag.

Antiseptic Wipes


NOMAD format- 15 wipes

Antiseptic for the hands and for disinfecting objects and small surfaces. Manufactured and tested under pharmaceutical control.

Effective tested: Bactericidal: EN 1040 ; EN 1276 ; EN 1500, reduction of 99.8 %. Fungicidal: EN 1275 (Candida Albicans). Active on Rotavirus (viral gastro-enteritis) ; Herpès virus ; Grippe A / Influenza.

Ingredients: menthol, alcool, digluconate de chlorhexidine, chlorure de myristalkonium.

Utilization: for be use at heathly skins, objects (at work, at school, by travelling...).

Deodorant Wipes


POCKET format - 15 wipes

This innovative pocket format has been specially designed to carry with you at all times. Its convenient size means that it fits anywhere, in your pocket or in your bag. These deodorant wipes effectively prevent from body odors, provide an instant sensation of freshness and are soft to the skin (alcohol-free with moisturising agent).





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