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Do I need to prepare my skin before applying Natural Tan ?

Exfoliation of the areas you wish to tan is recommended, followed by moisturiser on drier areas of skins such as feet, ankles, elbows, knees, knuckles, etc.

Will I go orange?

No, Natural Tan reacts with the pigmentation in your skin and adjusts to your natural colour.

Will Natural Tan wash off?

No, but showering or bathing should be avoided for 3 hours after application of the product. The resulting tan will fade naturally over approximately 5 days but can be maintained by a further application of the product every 3 days or so.

Will Natural Tan stain my clothes?

It is advised that contact with fabrics should be avoided until the application is dry but Natural Tan’s non-greasy, quick-drying formulation keeps this time to a minimum.

Does Natural Tan contain sunscreens?

No, there is no protection from UVB/AVA in Natural Tan . It is recommended that a separate sunscreen is used when exposed to the sun.

Should I moisturise my skin before applying Natural Tan ?

Natural Tan contains vitamin E to moisturise and hydrate the skin while the colour is developing.

Can I use Natural Tan on my face?

Natural Tan’s gentle formulation means that it is perfectly suited for use on either the face or body; however, care should be taken when applying the product around the eyes.

Will the instant colour mist stain my clothes and other fabrics?

We advise that you do not get dressed until the colour has dried and would recommend wearing dark clothing immediately afterwards. We also advise that the mist is applied in a shower cubicle or that floor coverings and furnishings in the vicinity are protected.

What is the best way to apply the mist?

The best results are obtained with a very light spray, starting at the feet and working up the body in sweeping movements. Overspraying may result in "runs" which should be gently blended into the skin. If a deeper colour is required, re-apply another light spray when the first application has dried. A lighter spray can be achieved by holding the can further away from the body.


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