Dream Feet: Prevent Sore Feet All Day and All Night...



Dream Feet are invisible gel cushions, which help prevent aches, pains and burning in the balls of your feet - and they fit any size. They are ideal for all types of footwear, especially high heels and sandals. Dream Feet are ultra slim and discreet, have a non-slip grip to stay firmly in places, and they are even re-usable!



We have 3 different types of Dream Feet:


Dream Feet: Original (1 Pair)
Crystal clear, non slip gel cushions to help prevent sore feet all day and all night.

Dream Feet: Slingback Strips (4 Strips)
Crystal clear gel strips, ideal for strappy shoes. Stops shoe straps slipping and rubbing.

Dream Feet: Hard Gel Cushions (1 Pair)
Crystal clear gel cushions. Ideal for high heels. Stops shoes slipping and rubbing.


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